K-12 educators: Bring art and creativity into your classroom with the MSU Broad! 

School programs at the MSU Broad have always focused on building creative thinking and exploring diverse perspectives. We believe now, perhaps more than ever, that students benefit from this time to connect with their peers through a museum experience. Using artworks selected from exhibitions on view at the museum, we are currently offering synchronous virtual field trips that can be adapted to fit your teaching context.

Virtual field trips are led by MSU students in an Art Museum Education Internship that is generously sponsored by the Park West Foundation, under supervision of our Museum Education staff. They are eager to meet your students and share their passion for art and creativity with your class! 

We are flexible and can accommodate most schedules. Virtual field trips can be anywhere from 30–60 minutes in length and are typically held through Zoom, though we are able to meet you on any platform.

Please email Museum Educator Meghan Zanskas at for more information on current tour offerings and to schedule a virtual field trip.


What students and teachers are saying about our virtual programs:

“I’m so glad we got to express ourselves through art. Since art was eliminated at our school in favor of academics, the kids miss it greatly. We try as general education teachers to expose the kids to art but it’s not our expertise.” —Teacher

“I gained insights on two students in my group and I have been teaching them for the past two years.  I learned things I never knew about them. I really appreciated being able to get to know my students more and I would love to work with the MSU Broad more in the future.” —Teacher 

“I learned that you can make art out of anything you can think of.” —Third grade student

“I’m so glad we invited the MSU Broad Art Museum into our classroom, it provided students the opportunity to see and respond to contemporary art and helped me as an art teacher meet the national art education standards concerning presenting and responding to art.” —Teacher

“It is amazing. Everyone involved in this program does an amazing job.” —Teacher

“People were able to do their own artwork and be able to have their own things to make that were cool and nice!” —Kindergarten student

“They did a wonderful job. They were clear and flexible and you could tell they are passionate about art which made us passionate about it too.” —Teacher

“It is a fantastic way to learn about different artists and their points of view.” —Teacher